Boosting Your Internet Speed

Top 5 Tips to Improve Internat Speed at Home

In this digital world having a good internet speed is essential for every household. It is because every device runs on the internet such as mobile phones, TVs, and other wireless network devices. Sometimes low internet speed can be frustrating. There are a lot of effective ways that can help you to increase your internet speed. Now we will discuss about top techniques and methods that may work for you.

Check Your Internet Speed First

We strongly suggest you before doing anything you must check your internet speed. After that compare it with your data and speed plans that you subscribed to. Once you ensure your internet speed is low and your devices are fully working. Then you should follow the following steps to increase your internet speed.

Here is a Guide

1. Do Little Location Adjustments to Wireless Routers and Antennas:

Have you ever noticed that when you sit near your router and use the internet to have excellent connectivity then a few feet away next to another room or on a balcony it becomes very low? In this situation, you have to centralize your router in your high-priority internet-using areas. It will work for you.

2. Tune the Frequency of Your BrodBand:

May your router use dual-band technology like most routers. In technical words, it runs on wireless signals such as 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Both of the signals have their own specifications so you have to adjust your frequency setting according to your needs and preferences. If it is still not working then you should try with another band. Maybe your band has an issue with frequency issue.

3. Expand Your Wireless Network

If you using the internet in a large space then your Wifi ranging capabilities. It creates issues even if you place your router in the best place. Now you have to use Wi-Fi extenders which help you to expand your Wi-Fi signals to your large space. The internet speed may be lower as compared to the original signal but not much that affects your work or entertainment. In addition, you can use Powerline adapters. This device is specially designed to raise the signal to a particular area.

4. Turn off Unnecessary Network Connections:

Nowadays, in most houses, almost every young member of the family uses the internet by using their devices like smartphones, Laptops, and gaming tablets. That will cause speed issues with your network connection. In other words, If too many devices such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other smart home devices are connected and using the same Wi-Fi network then the internet speed decreases automatically. If you are facing speed issues then we consider you to remove all unnecessary devices from your network. This method may seem to be consuming but it works in most of cases.

5. Restart Your Wi-Fi Router:

After removing all unnecessary connections from your network. Now Restart your Wi-Fi router and modem. If you don’t know how to restart it. Then go with the user guidelines and instructions. while restarting your equipment doesn’t make much difference in speed performance but helps to resolve 20% to 30% speed issues.

Deploy Multiple Wi-Fi Connection

If you are tired of slow file transfers? We have you covered. With Multiconnect, you can combine your internet connections for blazing-fast uploads and downloads. Multiconnect can boost your transfers. And for those who require high-speed connections, the app can handle blazing-fast 10Gbps speeds.

MASV Speed Limits to Limit Bandwidth Usage

MASV offers blazing-fast file transfers, but what about when others in your home need internet bandwidth too? Here's how MASV helps you find the balance: Speed it Up! MASV's Multiconnect combines multiple internet connections (like Wi-Fi and cellular) for even faster transfers. For those with top-tier internet, the app can handle speeds up to 10Gbps! Control the Flow: MASV's Speed Limits tool lets you adjust upload and download speeds. Want to keep things smooth while others stream videos? Set limits during peak usage times. Need maximum speed? Remove limits when the house is quiet. Fine-tuned Control: With Multiconnect enabled, you can set separate speed limits for each internet connection, giving you even more control over your network usage.